Saturday, April 26, 2008


The Utah County Republican Convention was this morning at Orem High School. (I will fill in more details later. I just wanted to get the basics down.) Sorry, I wish I had better pictures.

Chris & I arrived around 7:00 a.m. I thought the front lawn, with all the signs, looked like a political graveyard!

First we picked up our credentials.
Then we went to visit Candidate Alley.

They had the Central Committee Meeting at 7:30 a.m.

Senate Caucuses were next. We are in District 13 so we got to listen to Lane Henderson & Mark Madsen.

Then we went to our Legislative Caucus Meetings. We are in District 61. We got to hear Lisa Shepherd & Keith Grover speak. Then we got to vote on which one we wanted to be our representative. After we placed our ballot into the cardboard ballot box, we were off to the General Session.
At the General Session there were lots of speeches, the presenting of the Regan Award, and at the end they gave the election results. They spoke in the order of the pictures below.

Senate President John Valentine gave introductions.Then there was a financial review, credentials report (92% of delegates were in attendance), ratification and rules . Then there was a nomination and ratification of Larry Elertson for County Commissioner. Then Marian Monnahan, county chair, gave the county report.
The Reagan Award was presented to Bryan Thompson, Utah County Clerk.

Orrin Hatch - U.S. Senator
Bob Bennett - U.S. Senator
Chris Cannon - U.S. Representative Gary Herbert - Lieutenant Governor Mark Shurtleff - Attorney General Merrill Cook - running for U.S. Representative District 2 Kenneth Gray - running for U.S. Representative District 2 Brian Jenkins - running for U.S. Representative District 2 Bill Dew - running for U.S. Representative District 2 Donald Ferguson - running for U.S. Representative District 2 David Leavitt - running for U.S. Representative District 3 Jason Chaffetz - running for U.S. Representative District 3

Joe Ferguson - running for U.S. Representative District 3

Chuck Smith - running for Governor

Richard Ellis - running for State Treasurer
Mark Walker - running for State Treasurer

Senate 16
  • Jacqueline deGaston
  • Curt Bramble - 67%
  • James O'Neal

House 56

  • Kenneth Sumsion -96%
  • Jared Sepulveda

House 57

  • Craig Frank 68%
  • Kim Robinson
  • Jennifer Baptista
House 58
  • Paul Newton
  • Stephen Sandstrom 63%

House 60

  • Brad Daw - 60.4%
  • Linda Houskeeper
House 61

  • Lisa Shepherd
  • Keith Grover - 60.6%
House 62
  • Chris Herrod - 66%
  • David Starling
House 65
  • Aaron Tilton
  • Francis Gibson 60.8%
House 66
  • Chance Williams
  • Mike Morley - 82%
There will not be a primary because every race had a candidate that won by at least 60%. All the incumbents won, except for House 65.


The Senate Site said...

Thanks for the stats and the pics. Made me feel like I was there!

Keri Witte said...

FABULOUS wrap up. Very inclusive, and I loved the photos. Great work!! FYI, the Reagan Award winner was Bryan Thompson, Utah County Clerk.

christy said...

Keri - thanks for Bryan's information. I'll be sure to change it.