Thursday, May 1, 2008

Convention Notes

Here are the notes I took from the convention:

Senate District 13 Caucus -

LANE HENDERSON: Wants to help change some state involved programs. He believes in small towns. He wants to bring small town to the big city. He has an open door policy. He may be new, but he is happy to learn. If you don't agree with him, he hopes that you will sit down and discuss it with him. He is running so that we can have a choice, and because there are platform issues that he doesn't agree with his opponent. They are: Education and Immigration. Education - He is not in favor of vouchers. He says the government should not be involved with private businesses and that they shouldn't compete with the state. Immigration - It is a federal issue, but now it's a state issue because the federal government has not done a good job.

MARK MADSEN: He has enjoyed his 4 years in office. He is running because he made a two term commitment. He enjoys a challenger. He says to look at his record and yes, there are votes he wishes he could take back. He upholds the Republican platform. He says it's more important for society the less the government is involved. Education - He says that vouchers reduce government, it minimized government control. He says that homeschooling in Utah has the best laws in the nation.


1115 delegates in attendance = 92%
Regan Award was given to Brian E. Thompson
Keep Utah County the Republican County of the U.S.A.

ORRIN HATCH: John McCain is correct when he says we need to improve such problems like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. He says McCain is a tough guy and won't allow us to be defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan. He says that many of us might have our reservations about John McCain, but there is 1 reason that it is very important that we as Republicans support him and that is that he will have the responsibility to appoint Judges to the Supreme Court. If not, for any other reason that is why we need to vote for him. The Supreme Court represents the 3rd branch of government and we need a Republican to select the Judges. He also mentioned that he has been a Senator for 32 years.

BOB BENNETT: He gave a history of how Utah use to be a democratic state and our first Republican break came in Utah County in 1946. Arthur Watkins, a lawyer from Orem, won the U.S. Senate seat. He says he is determined to keep all the top seats and the key to that is Utah County. He says that we shouldn't be complacent and disappointed. This is not a year to let down. Utah County can rise up and be the dominating force for Republican victory.

CHRIS CANNON: Asked how many would like to see Mitt Romney as the Vice Presidential running mate (overwhelming yes response). He says the Democrats have 2 major problems. 1) Tax cuts 2) Price of gas. He says that by November the price could pass $4-$4.50 per gallon. He says that we have trillions of gallons of oil in our shale. We need to be allowed to develop it. If we continue to get gas from corn, then people around the world will starve. We need to retake Congress.

GARY HERBERT: He says that it's important that we get together. We need to hear from you. We need to fund Education and Transportation ($16-$20 billion). We need to grow our economy. Teacher increases were $4200 + $1000 bonus for some. We have increased transportation projects 10 fold, 205 projects around the state. 3 weeks ago a report in Washington said that Utah was the best managed state in America. He quoted Lavell Edwards saying, "You don't change the quarterback on a winning team."

MARK SHURTLEFF: He strongly believes in the Declaration of Independence. He believes that government owes it's just cause to those they govern. We are safer now then a few years ago. In 2000 they busted 267 meth labs, so far in 2008 only 3. There are now more pedophiles in prison. Story about Playboy representative (listed at end under biggest applause).

MERRIL COOK: He says that Jim Matheson's time is numbered. He says there should be limits on spending. There should also be limits on tax limitation and tax reform.

KENNETH GRAY: We need to address our oil and education needs. We don't need to raise taxes, we need to be able to use our federal lands. There is enough oil shale in Utah to produce oil that could last the United States for at least 3 centuries. We could bring the price of oil down to $15 a barrel. He wrote a book THE ROCK THAT BURNS (it's a political novel, murder mystery, dealing with oil shale, not bad!).

BRIAN JENKINS: Freedom is what we are here about. When the U.S. was formed we fought over trade. We need to get back to principles.

BILL DEW: He is running for the future of the children. Economy, immigration, war in Iraq, public lands are all big issues. He put $250,000 of his own money in his campaign and will add another $250,000. He says that he is the man that can help Jim (Matheson) sleep like a baby - slept 2 hours, cried 1 hour! Sweet dreams, Jim!

DONALD FERGUSON: We the people - government haven’t been representing the people. "This message approved by Donald Ferguson!" We need to stand up and be vocal. Our standards, ethics and way of life need to be protected. "I am an American. Officials in Washington have forgotten that."

DAVID LEAVITT: We have a U.S. Financial crisis. We need to stop pointing fingers at the democrats. He says there is no shame in acknowledging that something is wrong only in continuing in doing something wrong. We need to return and receive trust. We need to change players in Washington. Government should only be here to protect our freedoms.

JASON CHAFFETZ: (He talked way too fast for me to get most of it down!!!) He said that earmarks are wrong for Utah and the U.S. He said that we need to repeal the No Child Left Behind. He thinks that we should not have a Department of Education. We need to fix immigration and reject amnesty. We need to tap into the assets in our own backyard. English should be the official language of the United States.

JOE "NPC" FERGUSON: He says that the North American Union is a real treat. He asked if we have the will to save America. We need to protect ourselves from the domestic enemies of the Constitution.
CHUCK SMITH: He says that less government is a more efficient government. We need to work to get schools out of welfare. He says we keep people subjected when we put them on welfare.

RICHARD ELLIS: He says he has real hands on experience (running for state treasurer). He has a 22 year career in public and private sectors. He deals with cash management. Says $480 million were raised on Wall Street not taxes.

MARK WALKER: He says there are 3 reasons he is qualified. 1) He has worked in the private sector. He managed all public accounts (cities, gov.'t, etc.) through Zion's bank. He says that private sector always out performs the public sector (investment money). 2) He has legislative experience. 3) He is firmly grounded in Republican values and principles. He stands by his values and doesn't move to the left.

BIGGEST APPLAUSE: There were two instances that I would say received the biggest applause. The first was from Mark Shurtleff. He related a story about how a Playboy representative called Mark and wanted to challenge Utah's law about it being harmful to a 15 year old to view their magazine. Mark invited the lawyer to come to Utah, give a 15 year old his magazine. Mark will arrest him and he can be the test case! The second was when Jason Chaffetz said that English should be the Official Language of the United States.

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