Monday, May 5, 2008

US House of Rep District 3 DEBATE

There was a debate at the Provo City Council Chambers between Chris Cannon, David Leavitt, Jason Chaffetz, and Joe Ferguson. The mediator asked a question and each was allowed a certain amount of time (differing depending on the question) to answer it. They were all asked to be nice (although worded differently)!

? What congressional caucuses would you like to join?

JOE- He would like to consult with Representative Ron Paul and would like to do all that he can to stop the NAU.

JASON- Visit, Immigration Reform, Conservative, Law Enforcement, and National Guard.

DAVID - Western, Conservative, Reagan 21, Fiscal Responsibility

CHRIS - Chair Western, Land & Energy, I didn't catch the last one but it had to do with the public and nutrition supp and meth prevention programs.

? What are your top 3 legislative priorities?

JASON- Fiscal Discipline is his signature issue, Education, and Immigration. He says English should be made our official language. He says that focus determines reality and he doesn't think that Chris Cannon is focused on the right things.

DAVID- He says that we have short and long term crisis. The short term ones are caused by the neglect of the long term ones. 1) Federal spending under control. 2) Figure out how to change foreign energy dependency. 3) Get a grip on Medicare and health care.

CHRIS- 1) - get rid of the Dept. of Education, 4 million teachers want to repeal the No Child Left Behind Act. 2) Energy - give the President the authority to override and allow states to produce oil, other energy sources, etc. 3) Make internet free of government regulation - complete transparency of government.

JOE- Stop the NAU - NAU is going forward in the Executive Branch of our federal government, mostly through commerce. He says it decimates our National Security and our ability to control immigration.

*** As a side note Jason and Chris (David may have also I can't remember) both recognize the NAU as a huge threat. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is something that should be taken very seriously. It is the plan that is already been in the works, to make a North American Union. This would take away our borders with both Canada and Mexico. We would have one currency between the 3 nations. There are so many problems that can and will happen if this becomes the case. ***

? Rate yourself from 1-10. 1 being very liberal and 10 being very conservative.

David- 8
Chris- 10
Joe- 15
Jason- 10

? What are your views on the state of economy and your remedies for it?

CHRIS- He says the root of the problem is the misunderstanding of debt structure. A big chunk of our nation's debt is what they call "pretend debt". It's money that they say we owe to our own Social Security system. The democrats say that Social Security won't be a problem until 2037, Chris says it will be sooner. He said to read the book BOOMSDAY by Christopher Buckley. He says we spend 1/2 trillion dollars a year on oil from other countries. We have 150 billion barrels of oil here in Utah (from oil shale). We need to spend less in government. There are 2 teams in government: the Socialists (liberals) & Constitutionalists (conservatives).

JOE- The value of $ is going down because of our excessive spending and that the government just keeps creating more money. He says to take your economy stimulus rebate and buy $500 in food. He says in a year from now food will be more expensive and it would be a good investment on your money. He says businesses are over regulated. He says the Federal government is not governing us they are ruling us. We need to reduce the regulatory load by the government.

JASON - The constitution gives us the proper role of government. We are in a "Nanny State" - wanting social things for free. We don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. Until we get spending under control we are damaging food and energy. He says we don't need another attorney in Washington, we have 178 of them. He says that Salt Lake City should not be getting money ($300,000 for historic buildings - Gardner Village - earmark done by Chris Cannon) from the federal government. If the people of Salt Lake want to fix it up they should pay for it, not all the American people.

DAVID- Our economy is the result of a country that wants a quick fix now. We need to spend less than we earn and we need to save money. We need to get ourselves and our government out of debt. We need to return to our core American values. We need to have the capacity to fail or we will never be free. We need to know that this is going to hurt bad, but it's not the government’s role to do this. The government will change.

? IMMIGRATION - What essential laws, programs, and changes to we need to stop and solve our immigration problems?

JOE- It's not the laws that need to change; it's the attitude of our president and congressmen. Stop "coyotes" picking up illegals in Suburbans and trucks and driving them to the US. If they need food give them a shovel and a pack of seeds.

JASON- The policy and the law are not the same in this country. Stats quo is that it's OK because it's good for business. Shame on us. All men and women are created equally. He says that we need to fix legal immigration, reject amnesty, lock down the borders, enforce visas (40% of those here on non working visas, like tourist visas, are not leaving), and that the 14th amendment "birthright" is wrong.

DAVID- He says he disagrees with Chris, saying you can't have a line unless you round up 15-20 million people and take names. We must secure our borders. He says that for 3 years he stood alone with his decision to protect women and children from the abuses that go on through polygamy. He had to have round the clock police protection and his wife had to wear a bullet proof vest, because of all the treats. He is not afraid to take on big issues and stand alone if he needs to. He's in favor of temporary visa cards (through the private sector), send them home, get a normal visa and come back all within a few weeks.

CHRIS- When the Legislative and Executive branches fowl up the Judicial Branch has to get involved. He says that illegal immigration is like a cancer. America is different than every other country because of our "Rule of Law." We must have 100% enforcement of our current laws.

? Is there an advantage with seniority?

JASON- Seniority doesn't equal influence. You need to be able to move the entire body (congress). Senator Hatch in February said that immigration was not going to come up because it is an election year. He says that he will use his time and talents to build relationships and to be focused.

DAVID- Seniority gives you influence perhaps in the committee you reside or rank over, it is not a right a congressman has. You need to replace seniority in a time when seniority means the least, which is in the first year of the minority (which is now).

CHRIS- In 10 years America will not be America as we know it if Socialists run the next 10 years. At this rate we will have $4-5 gallon for gas by the end of the year. We need to get congress back this year. He plans on chairing 2 committees that he is not the senior member of. He is doing it because he is effective.

JOE- Seniority has its advantages. Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy have seniority! CAFDA passed because Chris voted for it. A freshman congressman would of voted No.

***Chris and Joe had a few exchanges at this point, since I don't have it down exactly I'm choosing to omit it all together***

? What the reasons for escalating cost of food and fuel?

DAVID- In 1929 every major world market failed. By 1933 every major world market had recovered except for the United States. It wasn't until 1950 that the U.S. market recovered. This was because our government intervened with our markets and they still are. They subsidized corn for ethanol. We are oil dependant upon our enemies and those enemies can determine the price we pay. We need to reduce environmental regulations so we drill in ANWR, Florida, etc.

CHRIS- Prices of rice, pork, barley, etc. are skyrocketing. The value of dollar is down for buying oil. We have the ability to buy oil for less than $20 a barrel from oil shale production on school trust lands. We could produce millions of barrels a day from Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. We need to allow the president to override the 2 year wait for permits. We need to stop funding them (foreign oil).

JOE- Buy food, gold and silver. He believes the price of gas is manipulated - some people are getting really rich. Gas was $1.50/gallon before Katrina. The Federal government is our greatest enemy in producing our own fuel.

*** There was some banter between Joe & Chris over Hal Burton ***

JASON- We should let free markets extract resources. The proper role of government is to get out of the way. The proper role of government is not to pick winners and losers. He is pro nuclear. There are 104 nuclear power plants in the United States, we need the 105th in Utah. It's not Homer Simpsons running these plants. "Note to Jon Huntsman, Global Warming is a farce!"

? We need unity in our Republican party; do you support the Republican platform?

CHRIS - He says that the State and county platforms are very clear. He says unity means helping get the right people elected.

JOE - National level doesn't reflect our values.

JASON - Believes 100% He converted to the Republican Party 20 years ago. In 2006, not one democrat at the National level lost. Some where Republicans lost our way. They abandoned their conservative principles. Starting point needs to be watch dog of the President not a lap dog.

***Chris jumps in with he thinks he's a watch dog and some remarks about Jason not running against Jim Matheson. Jason said he'd like to get rid of both of you (Chris & Jim).

DAVID - A real leader has a vision of this is where to go. He says he will stand up and articulate that. In 1776, our freedoms didn't come from a king, but from God. They won their freedom because God make them free. We need to return to the understanding that we are not a religious nation, but a believing nation. We need to return to public belief in God or we will lose this country.

? What are your thought on the Federal Mortgage Crisis?

JOE - No answer, he yields his time.

JASON - (They informed us that this meeting would go longer and I needed to make some arrangements for my kids, so I was unable to hear Jason's answer)

DAVID - Sub prime crisis came because we lived beyond our means. We don't need more and more and more, and the government doesn't either.

CHRIS - The mortgage crisis was created with the new tools (derivatives), lower cost, cheaper $ and easier loans. There was fraud and misappraisals.

? What do you think of the FAIR TAX?

JASON- Wipe the slate clean. Tax consumption instead of production is the right way to go. Devils in the details how to get there.

DAVID- Socialistic system. 5% pay 45-50% of the tax bill. Fair tax is national sales tax consumption not income tax.

CHRIS - It adds 30% on to the price of goods. It's too much. Everyone pays the same thing. We need to reduce spending, have simplicity in tax code, flat tax and then a fair tax.

JOE - 2 problems: tax paid, then collected. Taxes is Marxism it's first mentioned in the Communist Manifesto. He is suspicious of politicians calling for a fair tax.

? What of the Social Security and Medicare financial disasters?

DAVID - We need to draw a line 50 years + the government should underwrite their social security. Under 50 years old they need to pay into a pension. Medicare in an entitlement. WE need to move it form government to the private sector.

CHRIS - Answer is market solution. Let people contribute into personal 401ks

JOE - No easy solution. We've been robbed. The people in charge of this would be put in jail if they were in the private sector. We need to reduce medicare we cannot continue to fund it.

JASON - We need a paradigm shift, people need to take more care of themselves. If we take 100% personal ownership in these programs we will deal with it differently.

? 25 states own 80-90% of their land. 65% of Utah is owned by the Federal Government. What will you do to help return that land to Utah?

CHRIS - The BLM doesn't even know the exact % of Utah it owns. The federal government has an obligation to give it back to the state. The federal government is a bad tenant of the land. We would be better stewards.

JOE - Sam Houston was smarter than Brigham Young. Sam retained all their land. BLM doesn't even pay taxes on their land.

JASON - Turn the land back over to the states. Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument - the republicans failed to overturn it. The time to do it was years ago.

DAVID - Utah should own Utah's lands. ...broken, fighting, backbiting, not every Republican idea is from God, and every Democratic idea is from the devil. We have to work together.

? What about our constant state of war?

JOE - Never mentioned $ Wars are political decisions. Wars are driven by money. Iraq, money factors in somehow or another. Money is the mother's milk of politics.

JASON - He liked what Bush said before he was president, " We shouldn't be in the business of nation building and being the world's policemen." We need to take care of our troops. He'd like to bring the troops home, not immediately. He would leave that up to the general to decide when.

DAVID - It is pass time to debate, we went. We need to stay there until we've achieved the Iraq objectives. We need to support our troops. We need to protect American soil. Since 1776- yesterday, millions of Americans have died for us.

CHRIS - There are organized groups of people that are trying to destroy our society. We have to deal with Iraq.


JOE - Our country started from resisting tyranny and the ruling elite. The constitution is formula for success. Socialism and Marxism is failure. Every major problem comes from violation of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

JASON - Thanks Provo, Ivan, wife and son. I will make you proud. I will work hard.

DAVID - There may not be 7 hairs difference philosophically between us four. The difference is in style. I didn't need to tear down another candidate to get to his level. We need good statesmanship. United we stand, divided we fall. We will stick to high ground and be civilized.

CHRIS - This has been the most interesting debate and campaign. He's on the far right of congress. What David is suggesting in Washington is already happening with him.

BIGGEST APPLAUSE: When Jason said, "Note to Jon Huntsman, Global Warming is a farce." and David said, "We need to get back our public belief in God."


Lisa Shepherd said...

It was David who said we need to get back to our baskic belief in God.

christy said...

Lisa, thank you. I have been writing the answers out as time allowed and I hadn't come to David's answer when he said that. I had written the biggest applause first (even though it's at the end).