Thursday, May 1, 2008

State Convention

Our state convention is now soon approaching. This is a huge responsibility for the state delegates. We will be nominating Republican Party candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Auditor, and for our district, U.S. House of Rep. and State Senate. We will also nominate a National Committeeman and a National Committeewoman, 33 National Delegates (including 3 from each Congressional District), 36 Alternate National Delegates (including 3 from each Congressional District), and 5 Presidential Electors. We will also conduct party business which includes:
  • 1 proposed Republican Party Constitution amendment
  • 1 proposed Bylaw amendment
  • 9 resolutions
  • 4 platform changes

These can be viewed at:

There are some big issues addressed in some of these proposed changes. Please read through them and let us know what you think.

2 comments: said...

On May 5th there are a lot of laws going into force. Some seem to make sense (booster seats) some seem political (liquor changes) and some worry me (animal abuse a felony, who decides it's abuse?)

christy said...

That's right. Can you believe I have to get a car seat (booster) for Ally? It's crazy.