Friday, April 18, 2008

Chris Gomm-County Delegate

I've had a lot of fun attending all of the meetings put on by Candidates, it has been very educational and eye opening. It doesn't take very long to decide if you agree or not with someone when it is a face to face meeting.

I haven't posted my experiences with those meetings because as a County Delegate the only race that will be relevant for me at convention is the State House Rep. 61 race.

I would like to let you know that I will be supporting Lisa Shepherd in that race. I have known Lisa for about 12 years and been able to observe her in many situations. She has been an excellent coach to my children and a great example of how to be involved in her community. She has always proven to be an extremely honest person and someone you can count on. If I have been out of the loop on issues from time to time, I can expect Lisa to be educated on those issues and able to direct me to good information. I'm not sure how she has the time and energy to be every where at once, but that is the impression that is given. She will be a good voice for the people of our neighborhoods and allow us to have a voice while keeping us informed.

Lisa is someone who will be where she says she will be and do the things she said she would do, which to me is a big deal when so many think that once elected they are no longer accountable to those that put them in office.

I look forward to hearing from other delegates.

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