Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mark Walker - running for State Treasurer

Here's what Mark had to say:

WHAT A TREASURER DOES: He says that it's a full time job with offices at the Capital. He says a treasurer can't issue debt or invest money in whatever he likes. The legislature decides where to spend the money. The Utah Money Management Act tells the treasurer what investments he can make. He does invest money and watches bonding, but only in funds that the Utah Money Management Act allows. This office has about 11 employees. (Christy's side note: it sounds like he is in charge of the money, he writes the checks, but he doesn't decide where it goes)

WHAT MARK WOULD DO: Mark says a Treasurer is accountable to the people. He says he would stay connected and that he would communicate back to the people. He could help the legislature with financial forecasts. He would have good fiscal responsibility. He would make sure the office doesn't get bulldozed over. He would put political pressure on the legislature or governor if he had to. He would bring private sector mentality to public office. He would take a stand on tax cuts, bonding issues and judge what's fiscally responsible quickly so that the legislature can be informed right away.

WHY RUNNING?: The current treasurer is not seeking reelection. Mark has worked with Zion's bank and would bring private sector experience. He would come in with a fresh perspective and thinks that it should be run like a private sector office. He could do this.

AFFECTS OF BEING A LEGISLATOR: Mark is currently a 2 term legislator (past 4 years). He says that he has a good relationship with the legislature. He has agreed and disagreed with them and would have no problem telling them "No" if he needs to.

OPPONENT: Richard Ellis currently works in the Treasurer's office. Mark says you will get more status quo with him.

TERM: He doesn't get the Washington mentality that seniority pays. He says he doesn't think that it's good. He said that he is not for term limits, but that 2-3 terms for any legislator should be all they try for. He says you should get in and get out. He said that he would like to be treasurer for 2 terms tops.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what Mark meant by his statement that we would get "more status quo" if his opponent won, and that he would run the office "like a private sector office"? Did he say what was wrong with the way things are currently run and/or what he would like to fix in the office? I was unable to make it to his meetings. I can call him for this info and report back if he did not delve further into this topic. Thanks!!

christy said...

His opponent Richard Ellis already works in the Treasurers Office and Mark thought we would have more of the same if he was elected. Rep. Tillman came and said that the current Treasurer didn't really have a lot of input when he could of stepped up and had a lot more say in informing the legislature. Mark says that he would take a more active role than the current treasurer.

christy said...

As far as running the office more like the private sector - Private sector companies have to give public reports (yearly, quarterly, monthly, however they are set up) Mark said that he would do this. He wants to be more informative to the people.

Please do call him and report back. I'm sure he will have more detailed explanations when you ask him those questions specifically.

Chris said...

I thought it was interesting when he said that the current people are doing a good job, but in the private sector a good job will get you fired. We need to be always improving.