Wednesday, April 9, 2008

email Update

Last I heard they were going to give all the candidates the delegates email addresses. It's funny that it was only days after the caucus meeting, March 29th to be exact, that I received an email from Chris Cannon congratulating me on becoming a state delegate. Obviously he was given access to the delegates email addresses, because I've never received an email from him before.

Now this is the beginning of an email that I received today from the Utah Republican Party:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Utah Republican Party has chosen not to share State Delegate e-mails with candidates. To facilitate communication between candidates and delegates, please see the message(s) below from candidate(s) seeking the Republican Party Nomination. All candidates who will have contested races at the State Convention on May 10, 2008 have been invited to send messages via the Utah Republican Party to State Delegates. Weekly e-mails will be sent every Tuesday from the Utah Republican Party with submissions from participating candidates. This e-mail contains the opinions of candidates and are not necessarily the opinion of the Utah Republican Party. Each message was written by the candidate and should be attributed as such. Please contact the candidate directly with questions.

Might I also add that from reporter interviews with County Party Chair Marian Monnahan, she stated that she told delegates that she wouldn't give out their email addresses to the candidates. We were all newly elected, yes, I realize that some people may have been reelected, but I have never spoken to this women or received any correspondance regarding the parties use of my email address, which would of had to happen after March 25th.

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Kip Meacham said...

I have a rather extensive post about the privacy, free speech and equal access implications of the State Party's decision on my blog at the following URL:

Thanks for raising awareness!