Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Controversy # 3

Controversy has struck the Republican party again. The first two were mentioned in previous posts.

1. Fab Five Mailing
2. Delegate Email
3. Delegate Residence

When we were trained to hold the caucus meetings we were told that the people who were there participating had to be a resident of our precinct. They printed out a list of every registered voter in our precinct and when they came we had to look them up and make sure they were there. If they weren't, they were suppose to fill out a voter registration form and if there was any question they were suppose to provide proof of where they lived.

Right now Stan and Becky Lockharts daughter is not currently living in the precinct that she was made a delegate of. She is 17 years old and still in high school, but was made a delegate in a precinct that she plans to move into before the convention.

Articles concerning this:
Delegate pick may violate the rules
by Cathy McKitrick - THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE
Young delegate under microscope
by Joe Pyrah - DAILY HERALD

New article published April 18th - pretty such sums it all up:
What a mess Utah Republican Party has made
by Bob Bernick Jr. - DESERET NEWS


Anonymous said...

If she had a signed rental agreement in hand on caucus night, that might be one thing -- the Herald says she has one now, but doesn't specify if she had one then.

I have a copy of the 2006 Caucus Meeting Handbook (I do not have 2008's, but it looked a lot like 2006's -- anyone have the 2008 version to reference?), and it states on page 2 under Official 2006 Caucus Roll: "Ensure that each person attending lives within the precinct." We all know that when we entered the caucus we had to verify that we lived in the precinct. It seems to me that anyone not on the caucus roll should have been asked for address ID, especially if they were running for office. When elected, they are again asked for their address. Didn't anyone notice she didn't live in the precinct? Or did they just not care?

It also says on page 5 under Call the Meeting to Order: "Each participant must be a Utah citizen residing in the precinct and be 18 years old by the November election." Seems pretty clear cut to me. Anyone know if there were changes for '08?

Anonymous said...

Oh look! I found a copy of the 2008 Caucus Handbook of Instructions! Here's what it says about residency:

Page 2, 2. Official 2008 Caucus Roll:
"Ensure that each person attending lives within the precinct. You may verify with a driver’s license, voter registration card, and/or the precinct voter registration list. As individuals are elected, please verify that all of their information has been provided on the Caucus Roll. Each person elected must provide an accurate name, address, and telephone number as well as an email address, if available."

Page 5, Call the Meeting to Order:
"Anyone is welcome to attend. However, there are certain requirements for those who wish to participate (speak and vote) in a Republican Caucus Meeting. Each participant must be a Utah citizen residing in the precinct and be 18 years old by the November 4, 2008 election."

Sounds pretty clear to me.