Monday, April 7, 2008

County Commissioner

Article from the Daily Herald

Saturday, 05 April 2008
Commissioner Ellertson in one man race

The only county position up for grabs this year is now a one-man race. Commissioner Larry Ellertson no longer has a Republican challenger now that Jeff Wabel has dropped out, and no other parties have put forth candidates. "I'm worried as a citizen, as an employee -- especially as law enforcement -- in the way things are going," said Wabel, a sheriff's detective. But he's also dealing with a sick family member and other issues that would pull him away from a campaign. "The fight is really not the foremost of importance right now for me," he said. He also was assuaged somewhat after a talk with Ellertson. Instead he plans to focus his political energies against Commissioner Steve White in two years. White, he said, has indeed kept taxes down, but it's now to a point where a lack of funding is hurting the residents of the county. For his part, Ellertson said he plans to participate in the election process as much as he can, though without competition his approach will change. "I'll probably rethink my strategy," he quipped.

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