Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vote for Lisa Shepherd

It's about time the delegates voted for Lisa. I don't think I know anyone who personally puts in so much time and effort into her political stuff. Finally, others are realizing it. Politics can be mean. Lisa has had many personal attacks against her. I'm sure that can not be easy. However, she just picks herself up and keeps plugging along. She knows the problems we have and wants to help find reasonable solutions to them. She ran a great campaign. She gave a great speech. She talked highly of the other men in all the county leadership races. She really deserved this win.

Initially there was going to be a multiple ballot for Lisa's race. They take 3 names, and then narrow it down to 2. We voted the first time, and awhile later we were told that we were not going to need our second ballot. This is because one candidate received over 50% of the vote. We were a bit nervous about it, but hoped for the best and she came out on top. It's quite an accomplishment to beat out the man who had "all of our elected officials support."

The other great thing, is that Lisa was also running for State Central Committee. There were 52 candidates. The first 20 people with the most votes would be on the committee. Out of all the candidates Lisa received the number one most votes.

Wow! What a great outcome for both races!!!


Lisa said...

Thank you, Christy, for the comments on your blog. It was a long, hard fought race. It's humbling to think of all of those people who have such great faith in me who would cast their vote with me. I worked hard and the work has only begun.

My, oh, my, why didn't someone tell me to do my hair? The men didn't have to worry about a bad hair day. haha

MarkS said...

I'd like to add one other thing to change for two years from now: having the State Central Committee vote should be BEFORE the other votes.

Six of the top seven SCC vote getters were those that had spoken to introduce themselves to the convention (the other was Marian, who needed no introduction). This gave them a clear advantage over the rest of us.

OK, it wouldn't have helped me any to have the order different, I came in 52nd in the voting for SCC, but it probably made a difference for those that were close to being selected.