Friday, May 8, 2009

2 Things that Bothered Me about the Convention

So now that the convention is over and done with and all disputes have been washed under the table, there are a couple of things that I hope never happen again.

The first one is just a irritation of mine, because of my trying to change a delegate. I was told that there is no way that I could change a delegate. I was told that it wouldn't be fair, the candidates wouldn't get the new delegates information in time and because they needed time to get the delegates credentials, among other reasons.

So why is it that Marian had a special meeting the morning of to approve her own appointments? There was no notice for the candidates, except for the meeting right before, if it was even mentioned there. Why were their credentials previously made up? Why can't you play by the rules? Why is there always so much secrecy? This is the stuff that I don't like about our party.

Here is the other thing that really irritates me. In the race for vice chair, the majority of the delegates at large did not know that Don Larsen was going to withdraw. Many had already voted on their ballots before convention even started. Largely in part, because not everyone had a pen and were asking to borrow one.

Don had a number of the votes. In fact, it was a large enough percentage that Mark did not win by 51%. Lowell only lost by 10 votes. It is my guess that if those delegates would have voted correctly that the race may have gone the other way. So delegates not voting properly is one issue, but the party should have acknowledged what had happened with the votes and issued a re-vote, or second ballot, since you had to win by 51%. But that would be too much work and "our guy" won anyway so let's just leave it. There was already a 2nd ballot printed, that we all had in our packets.

Again, I realize that nothing can be done about these things it's just irritating that so many of these things happen. And to think, these are just the ones I know about, how many others are there that I don't?

It is my hope that the new leadership will run things differently. That they will be more open, honest, and fair in their dealings. That they won't hold themselves to different rules than everyone else.

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Ryan said...

Good points Christy!