Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trying to change my Appointment

I can see why people get really frustrated with politics. I can see even more now why people hate local politics. People are just plain mean. Although this does not relate much about what I'm going to write next, it's just something I have noticed and witnessed since I wrote one silly blog post a few days ago!

As you may have read before, my precinct's vice chair resigned. I have been under the impression that to be elected to your precinct as chair, vice chair, or a delegate, it was your number one responsibility to represent your precinct and attend convention so that you can vote. It is completely irresponsible to not do this. Having said this, it is every precinct's right to have representation. They should be allowed the full number of delegates to vote in their behalf. This is why in the case of a death, resignation, or when a delegate moves, the precinct chair is allowed to appoint someone else in their place. This is a responsibility of the precinct chair to make sure that their precinct has full representation.

Right now convention is in 9 days. Having someone appointed means that their biggest responsibility is to go to convention. It is hard to find someone with nearly a full free Saturday to go. I have been asked to publish who I asked, but I feel like that is completely unfair to those people. They did not ask me to ask them to be vice chair.

Let me tell you what happened this week. One of the people I called was the lady that originally had been voted in as vice chair at my precinct's caucus last year. She had to resign because her daughter had a dance competition out of town that she had to attend the Saturday of last years convention. It was unfortunate. She finally got back to me on Tuesday, 4 days after the deadline. She was actually my first choice since she was originally voted in by the precinct members. I told her that the deadline had passed. If only she had called 4 days earlier! I would have changed my appointment. It makes way more sense that someone who was voted in take the position, over someone I had appointed.

I didn't think much of it until I had looked online noticed that Salt Lake's convention is on the same day as ours and they didn't have to have their changes in until this coming Friday, a whole week after our deadline. I made a few phone calls and sent an email to Marian Monnahan, Mark Cluff, and Susie Bramble asking if I could make the change, stating the background of the situation and Salt Lake's deadline. I didn't hear back.

I called Susie Bramble and she said that it was Marian's decision to make. She said that Marian had already sent a reply and gave me Marian's phone number. She told me that Marian won't do it because there would be about 6 other changes she would have to make. I'm thinking that 6 changes out of 1200 delegates with 9 days to go would be quite doable. I called Marian and left a message. She called me back. She said that she had sent the email, which I never got, but I believe that she sent it, Susie had gotten it. She declined to make a change for me, stating if she did it for me, it would open the door to do it for others.

Really I find it outrageous. I know you have to have order, and you have to have deadlines, but by no means do they have to be so strict that you would rather have someone I appoint vs. someone that the people voted for be a delegate. They make exceptions and changes for things all the time, even at convention. I just thought that this would be a no brainer, especially since they are all so upset over the appointment I had made. Personally, I would be happy to have either one of those fine ladies be the vice chair.

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