Monday, February 23, 2009

Central Committee Meeting

On Saturday, we had the Utah County Republican party Central Committee Meeting.

As part of being elected as a precinct chair or vice chair, it is your responsibility to go to these meetings, there are 4 a year. At this meeting, is where the party business takes place. Robert's Rules of Order are set in place.

In my short time as chair and vice chair I have attended a few of these meetings. It has been my observation that not much ever gets done. They always schedule something right after this meeting so that they can't go over time. Which in theory is a nice thing, except for that in one short hour you can only get to one agenda item. Normally there are many items, but they just table them (sweep them under the carpet), usually never to be heard of again. Those that govern these meetings always get what they want. If they don't want a motion to come before the quorum (have to have 40 precinct chairs & vice chairs present) to vote on, those items will be placed last on the agenda, an agenda which half the time is never presented, so we have no idea what is going on.

It's a very frustrating process and I am sure it could be handled much better. I guess they also have a problem of notifying people of these meetings. They send out a postcard to inform you. However, I know from experience that these are not always sent out. Luckily, I have a Legislative Chair, who gladly keeps us informed. Also, I don't understand why they don't email us. They made such a big deal about getting our email address and then an even bigger deal about letting us use them, but they worked it out and were sending out tons of messages right before the elections. So why not use that avenue in addition to sending out postcards. Also a large percentage of these people are on facebook, so why not send out an invite to the event, whenever there is one? I know they already have a group set up.

I know these things don't have much merit to anyone, but those who have to go to these meetings, but I figure the more information there is about how things are going, the better the understanding and maybe someone who knows more, can help come up with a solution.

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