Monday, February 23, 2009

Central Committee Meeting - Jason Chaffetz

I have to say, I have been so excited to have Jason Chaffetz in Washington D.C. He is open and honest and seems to live what he preaches (see CNN's Freshman Year). He is making himself known and I think all the publicity is working for him. Thanks for your service.

He had the opportunity to address us at the beginning of our meeting.

He completely opposed and voted against Obama's latest economic stimulus bill, the single biggest debt that our county has ever had, 787 BILLION DOLLARS. He is not happy with the lie that any bill that goes through congress will see the light of day, before it is voted upon. This was a promise made by Pres. Obama, stating that any bill would be posted online, for the world to view before it would be voted on. In fact, if you go to PolitiFact (I mentioned them in a previous post, they have a list of all the promises made by Obama and are keeping track) they said that he broke promise No. 234: Allow five days of public comment before signing bills.

This bill was over 1000 pages long. No congressman was able to read the whole bill, because by the time they were given it, to the time it was voted on, no one could have possibly read the whole thing. It was less than 12 hours. Not to mention, that it was difficult to read, it was by no means a polished copy, it was riddled with hand written notes, edits, etc. On some instances, it was hard to deceipher what exactly was being talked about. This bill is full of pork projects (roads and bridges, $191 million in restitution to filipinos for autrocities during WW2, $650 million for coupons for transition to digital TV, and so on). The very thing that the Democrats accused the Republicans of doing (if you noticed the vote all the house republicans voted against this bill).

Jason also mentioned his disappointment that as one of Obamas first acts as President he overturned the Mexico City Policy, that stated that money sent to other countries could not be used for abortions, now they can.

Jason is one of 54 freshman congressmen. He was among 18 who went to the Pentagon to meet with the Sec. of Defense, who said the thing that keeps him up at night is the Chinese with 1 trillion dollars in treasury notes that he can't do anything about.

If you are ever in Washington D.C. Jason would love to have you stop by to see him.

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