Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vacated Senate Seats

Since both Barack Obama and Joe Biden are U.S. Senators (Illinois and Delaware) you might wonder what will happen to their Senate seats, especially with Biden, he was running for both the senate and vice president. He won both races. He will continue to be the senator until he becomes the vice president in January.

Come January, the governors of those states will appoint a person to fill that seat. This is the policy whenever a senate seat is vacated. The governors of both those states are Democrat.


Lisa said...

Thank you for this information. It is great to share this info.

david@gommstudios.com said...

Since Barack will be the next president, despite my vote, I thought I'd try to research facts that are good about him. Unfortunately, most things on the net are leftovers from the political races.

I just want to find reasons that I can like the guy since he's the new president, doesn't that make sense?

Anonymous said...

My husband and I also are trying to find reasons to support Obama even though we didn't vote for him. I just pray for God to guide him as he leads our Country.

2nd comment: I wasn't sure how vacated seats were filled. So you're saying it's the Governor who decides until the next election? So if the Governor is Democrat that person will only choose a Democrat?

christy said...

To the comment/question about a Democrat Governor - Yes, a Governor that is Democrat would definitely choose a Democrat to fill the vacated seat.