Monday, October 27, 2008

Candidates, Issues & Judges

Names in Red are the REPUBLICAN candidates. I also stated my opinion on voting for the issues and judges! Enjoy!

We will be voting on the following:

President of the United States of America & Vice President running mate:

  • John McCain – Sarah Palin
  • Barack Obama – Joe Biden
  • Charles Baldwin – Darrel Castle
  • Bob Barr – Wayne Root
  • Gloria La Riva – Eugene Puryear
  • Ralph Nader – Matt Gonzalez
  • Cynthia McKinney – Rosa Clemente

U.S. Congressional District 3

  • Jason Chaffetz
  • Jim Noorlander
  • Bennion Spencer

Utah State Governor & Lieutenant Governor

  • Jon Huntsman, Jr. - Gary Herbert
  • Dell Schanze - Joey Hobbs
  • Bob Springmeyer - Josie Valdez

Utah Attorney General

  • Mark Shurtleff
  • Jean Welch Hill
  • W. Andrew McCullough

Utah State Auditor

  • Auston Johnson III
  • Clare Collard
  • Richard Proctor
  • Mike Stoddard

Utah State Treasurer

  • Richard Ellis
  • Dick Clark

Utah State Senate District 13

  • Mark Madsen
  • Kenneth Peay

Utah State House of Representatives District 61

  • Keith Grover
  • Deon Turley

Utah State School Board District 13

  • Kyle Bateman ("School board member, Provo Freedom Academy; commissioner, Utah County Planning Commission; 23 years active in business administration; service on numerous nonprofit and for-profit boards.")
  • C. Mark Openshaw ("I have four children in the public school system, my wife is the PTA president - I, my family, and our future is invested in the system.")
VOTE - does someone want to weigh in? I'm leaning toward Openshaw.

Constitutional Amendment A – amends provisions relating to the filling of a vacancy in the office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor, the process for determining the disability of those offices and the exercise of powers when temporarily disabled.

Constitutional Amendment B – amends provisions relating to a permanent state trust fund. It expands the sources of money that can be placed in the trust fund.

Constitutional Amendment C – moves the beginning date of the annual general session of the Legislature to start one week later, instead of starting on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and ending one week and one day (extra day because of Presidents Day) later than the constitution already states.

Constitutional Amendment D – modifies the provision requiring the Legislature to divide the state into congressional, legislative, and other districts, to be no later than the annual general session.

Constitutional Amendment E – provides an exception to the general rule that would allow the State to invest in stocks and bonds with money from the State School Fund or with money from certain land granted to the state by the federal government.
VOTE – would someone like to weigh in on this?

JUDGES – we are voting whether to retain the judge for another term. Before the judge stands for this retention election, they are evaluated by the Judicial Council. Any judge that you are voting on has been certified by the Judicial Council that this person is qualified for this retention election.



Anonymous said...

Re: School board

Bateman is in favor of parent choice (i.e. vouchers etc.). I haven't been able to find anything on C. Mark Openshaw, and don't know if he has any family connection to another Mark Openshaw running as a Democrat for the state senate who is opposed to school vouchers.

Kylie Dickson said...

Bateman gives some good info on his positions and philosophy at

Openshaw's opinions have been harder to find.