Friday, September 12, 2008

Central Committee Meeting

Last night we had our Utah County Republican Party Central Committee Meeting. The legislators all got shirts with their last name and district #.There wasn't really any items of business, just lots of information about upcoming events and a few speakers.
Jason Chaffetz spoke about meeting our soldiers, spending the last few days in Sevier County, going to see miners in coal mines, and going to Alaska where he and several others, including Governor Palin, spoke in favor of drilling in ANWAR. As Vice President, Sarah Palin will help to bring drilling in ANWAR.

Our Legislative District had the best attendance. We had 25 officers/delegates there. I believe there are about 13 districts and our district has 22 precincts.

Things to note:
The RNC (Republican National Committee) has opened an office at 746 E. 820 N., in Provo. They can be reached at 374-9968. For the next 6 weeks The Utah County Republican Party will share the office with them. Just so you know they only have 5 McCain/Palin signs right now so give them a week or so before they get more in. They are also in need of volunteers to help with the phone banks. If you can help please stop by.

(thanks for this info, Lisa):

WANTED: Voter Registration.
DEADLINE is October 6 for this election.
Fact:Utah has the lowest percent of registered voters in the U.S.

WANTED: Poll Workers. Hours: 6:00 am to 9:00 pm on November 4, 2008. Pay ranges from $100 for poll workers to $180 for poll managers. Attendance at training sessions is mandatory for all poll workers. If interested, call the elections office: 851-8130.

WANTED: Informed and United Republicans. The RNC has crafted a new National Republican Party Platform. Each state had two members work on it. They had great consensus and feel it is the best ever! To read the platform, go to:

WANTED: Your attendance. Bring your family. A public celebration commemorating the signing of the US Constitution will be held at the Provo Tabernacle on September 17 at 7pm.

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Utah said...

I am surprised at the negative and distorted press lately re: Jason Chaffetz. I am supporting Jason, it is time the truth about his position be supported as well.

Why would a California Representative, one that is sponsoring a bill with Senator Clinton to spend $600,000,000 on immigrants to this country, target Jason Chaffetz with information provided to him by La Raza?