Monday, September 8, 2008

Attempted Child Abduction

Last week there were 2 attempted child abductions.

The first was around the Lakeview Elementary School. The man (20-30 yr) had a dark complexion, wavy hair, and a mustache. He was in a light blue truck.

The second was around Amelia Earhart Elementary School. This time the man was driving a white minivan, but the description is the same. The police believe this is the same man.

Please use this as a reminder to talk to your kids about stranger danger. It's always good to talk to them and help them to understand so that if they are ever in a terrible situation that the will instantly know what to do.

If you near these schools when kids are coming and leaving, you might want to spend a few minutes outside or watching out your window to make sure that the kids passing your yard do so in safety.

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