Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UVU Debate

Yay for YouTube! The Senate Candidate Debate held at UVU has been recorded for any interested in watching.

Here is the message from James Davis:

Thank you for those of you who showed up to UVU's US Senate Debate! Every candidate, with the exception of Sam Granato (D), attended the debate. One hundred and thirty GOP state delegates were counted but we estimate that number to be at least 150. We didn't anticipate such a large and enthusiastic crowd to show up. We're sorry that the event went longer than we advertised and we're also sorry for those of you who had trouble finding parking or a place to sit. In the future we won't underestimate the involvement of GOP delegates!

If you couldn't attend for any reason click on the links below to watch the debate on youtube in its entirety. We had difficulties filming/editing/posting the videos so Mike Lee's campaign was generous enough to allow us to use their videos. Each candidate was given an opportunity to respond to the questions asked.

Introductory Comments Part 1

Introductory Comments Part 2

Introductory Comments Part 3

Question to Bob Bennett

Question to Scott Bradley

Question to Tim Bridgewater

Question to David Chiu

Question to Merrill Cook

Question to Cherilyn Eagar

Question to Leonard Fabiano

Question to Jeremy Friedbaum

Question to Mike Lee

Question to Christopher Stout

Closing Statements

We conducted an unannounced exit poll. While there were some who declined to participate these are the results of the nearly 200 who did:
Mike Lee: 49.4%
Cherilyn Eagar: 16.6%
Tim Bridgewater: 16.3%
Scott Bradley: 7.3%
Bob Bennett: 6.7%
Merrill Cook: 1.9%
Christopher Stout: 1%
Leonard Fabiano: .5%
Jeremy Friedbaum: .3%
David Chiu: 0%

James Davis
On Behalf of UVU's Student Government, College Republicans, & Young Americans for Liberty

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