Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Go Caucus

You keep hearing about making a change, making a difference, grass roots efforts, and so on. This is it. This is where YOU personally can make a difference. This is one of the many freedoms we have that makes our country great and what men and women of our armed forces are dying to protect.

This is what I wrote, on this blog, 2 years ago after the last caucus meeting. It is still true today.

Have you ever felt like your vote doesn't count?

Here is my plug for caucus (A meeting, especially a preliminary meeting, of persons belonging to a party, to nominate candidates for public office, or to select delegates to a nominating convention, or to confer regarding measures of party policy; a political primary meeting) meetings.

Your vote most certainly does count at a caucus meeting. We had almost 40 people there and only 33 who were voting. We had races where the winner won by only 2 votes. This is true grassroots politics at it's best, paper ballots and all! Be sure to come in 2010 - we need our voices to be heard. You can do this by showing up and participating. This is where a few hours of your life can really make a big difference!

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