Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Villages at Celebration

As expected, the project (Villages at Celebration - it's funny how not even the developer likes this name, he told us that Provo City gave it that name) is a go. The city council approved all 3 parts (annexation, and changing the zoning twice) last night.

I find it interesting several of the city council members (both from the stand and after it was done) addressed us saying we need to watch this project in the future, to make sure what was agreed upon tonight is really what happens in the future.

The two things I am most worried about is crime and traffic. Crime because they are building out in fields at the edge of town. The traffic, because I'm worried about the kids that walk and ride to school on the main road (the only road for a few years) to get to the development. I am so happy that they changed the size of the homes that will go next to me (they now have bigger lot sizes) and that they took all the town homes off the street with the school. However, the developer's traffic study said that once the whole thing is built, the development will have 25,000 vehicle trips a day, which is the same as 900 East (4 lane road). He told us this was the traffic projection once the whole project is built. I realize not all of this traffic will go on 1390 N., but a lot of it will, not to mention that the high school will be built just south of this development which will bring even more traffic (that wasn't studied) down this street also.

Now that they are moving forward with this, I hope that it is as grand as everyone claims it will be! I'm thrilled to have new neighbors across my street. Hopefully more youth will move in that are my kids ages! My older kids seem to be the oldest by far, in the streets around us.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

West Side Development

Tonight is supposed to be the final city council meeting about the Villages at Celebration development. The city council, all along has been in favor of this development, and I am sure they will pass it tonight.

The developer came up with a revised plan to try and make some of the people happy, which I am grateful that at least we were able to make some difference. I am happy with most of the changes. Please don't get me wrong, I think development is a good thing, as long as you do it right and I don't think that right now is the right time to be spending so much money on a project at the edge of town.

The parts that have irritated me, are how much everyone (the city council and neighborhood chair) seems to think there are so many people, who live here, that are in favor of this development. I have yet to hear more than a handful, but they keep telling me there are soo many out there. Many people have come to me saying they don't want this development at all. A few neighbors went around one night, just in the few streets right next to the development are were able to get 40 + signature to petition the development, 17 people emailed me saying they were opposed to this development right before the last city council meeting. About 16 people addressed the city council in opposition to the development at the city council meeting. Not to mention anyone that emailed their concerns over the development directly to the city council members and the mayor.

I realize that this development is a shoe in (read the following 2 messages).

From Cindy Clark (this was not sent to me, but forwarded on):
Sorry for the delay in contacting you. I understand the feelings that you have--I think I know your concerns--they are the ones that I would have too if my neighborhood was involved with this kind of development. I believe you are right when you say this will probably pass tonight. After discussing it and trying to come to grips with the issues on the westside, it seems that this will be the best opportunity for the right kind of growth that most of you living in the area will want eventually. Yes it will be expensive and the city needs to make sure the infrastructure will be there first. We've been assured it will-without it there could be no project. Hope to see you tonight. Allison, are you still willing to help Steve in your area?
Cindy Clark


From Sherrie Hall Everett:

Dear Neighbors,

Many of you have been very involved in the ongoing discussions regarding the large planned development that is being proposed in our neighborhood. These discussions began prior to my being the Neighborhood Chair and prior to being elected to represent this District on the Council. After a long protracted process this issue is finally before the Council for a vote this evening.

Many of you have been very supportive over the years of creating a plan that allows the remaining land to develop in a way that makes sense and creates what I personally believe could be a real gem for our city. However, in recent months we have heard some opposition from a group of neighbors that do not want anything developed and want to preserve open space.

While open space would be great, there is not funding in the city to purchase property and keep the land in open space. The priorities of the city are far greater on essential services.

What you should know is that the majority of land owners support the annexation and planning process. There is no effort to end the opportunity to farm or maintain agricultural lands, only to plan for the future and avoid the kind of piecemeal development that has occurred typically on the West side of the city. This development will build out over the next 15-20 years and is a plan for how that development will occur. It is important to have this vision as part of the General Plan so that transportation, infrastructure and planning needs can be addressed. It is also important to have this plan articulated to help us work on funding for critical future road plans that increase connectivity and safety for our residents west of I-15. The School District is also very interested in this type of planning for them to anticipate the needs for elementary schools, middle schools and high schools in the city. Also without such plans, retailers will not consider providing shopping to the West side. They want to be able to look at demographics and rooftops in the overall plan before they will commit to come.

In an effort to alleviate concerns and help work toward a good outcome, I'm attaching the latest round of adjustments to accommodate the neighbors, closest to the development.

In the neighborhood meetings that I have led and also the ones led by Don Allphin, there has been an ongoing majority of support. It would be important to show the continued support of our neighborhood for this planning and forward-thinking effort. Please come tonight to Council and help represent the entire neighborhood on this important matter.

If for some reason you are unable to attend, please send your thoughts, comments, support via email to me.

Thank you for your interest,



Cindy seems a bit patronizing, telling us that eventually we will want this (we just don't know it yet) and Sherrie doesn't seem to remember that the we had a neighborhood meeting where about 100 people were there and overwhelming (I'd guess 95%) were there because they completely disapproved of the project.

Oh well! I guess I'll be living in a construction zone for the next 15-20 years! I will add the new development plan to my google group site.