Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Villages at Celebration

As expected, the project (Villages at Celebration - it's funny how not even the developer likes this name, he told us that Provo City gave it that name) is a go. The city council approved all 3 parts (annexation, and changing the zoning twice) last night.

I find it interesting several of the city council members (both from the stand and after it was done) addressed us saying we need to watch this project in the future, to make sure what was agreed upon tonight is really what happens in the future.

The two things I am most worried about is crime and traffic. Crime because they are building out in fields at the edge of town. The traffic, because I'm worried about the kids that walk and ride to school on the main road (the only road for a few years) to get to the development. I am so happy that they changed the size of the homes that will go next to me (they now have bigger lot sizes) and that they took all the town homes off the street with the school. However, the developer's traffic study said that once the whole thing is built, the development will have 25,000 vehicle trips a day, which is the same as 900 East (4 lane road). He told us this was the traffic projection once the whole project is built. I realize not all of this traffic will go on 1390 N., but a lot of it will, not to mention that the high school will be built just south of this development which will bring even more traffic (that wasn't studied) down this street also.

Now that they are moving forward with this, I hope that it is as grand as everyone claims it will be! I'm thrilled to have new neighbors across my street. Hopefully more youth will move in that are my kids ages! My older kids seem to be the oldest by far, in the streets around us.

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