Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The results aren't official yet, but the report for my precinct came in and I'm so happy to report that 219 people voted. Nice Job! Way to Go! I'm so glad that so many were willing to exercise their freedom today, with their right to vote!

:) I think that number will go up because provisional ballots aren't recorded yet. Early ballots might not be in that number either.

Check the Election Results

As the results come in tonight you will be able to view them at:


Just a Reminder: Tuesday, September 15th is Provo’s Municipal Primary Elections. Please Go VOTE! Good Luck to all the candidates!

New this year – you must provide identification when you vote (valid ID includes a photo ID issued by the state or federal government, such as a Utah driver license or US passport; or two other forms of ID showing the voter’s name and address, such as a current utility bill or bank statement).

Following is a list of candidates pertaining Precincts Provo 20 & 24 (west of Geneva Road & north of the river) – also Precincts 31 & 23:

* Don Allphin — www.donallphin.org
* Steve Clark – www.stephendclark.com
* Ammon S. Cunningham — provomayor2009.blogspot.com
* John Curtis — johncurtis.org
* Neil Mitchell — neilmitchellforprovomayor.com
* Andrew P. Thompson — 801-373-4834 (*WITHDRAWN*)

* Laura Cabanilla – laura4provo.com
* Carl Mayo — carlmayo.com
* Coy Porter — www.coyforcouncil.com
* Howard Stone — www.howardstone.org
* Lindsey Wiblin — wiblin@cougar.netutah.net

For your information there are 2 candidates running for office from precinct 20 – Carl Mayo for City Council & Don Allphin for Mayor.

The primary election will whittle the field of candidates down to two candidates per open seat. The General Election will be Tuesday, November 3, so mark your calendars! Remember that federal law requires employers to allow employees time to vote.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Precincts 20 & 24 - vote at Lakeview Elementary (2899 W 1390 N), in empty classroom down the west hallway of the school (by kindergarten classes).Precinct 31 (east of Geneva Rd & north of 820 N) - vote at Westridge Elementary (1720 W 1460 N).
Precinct 23 (east of Geneva Rd, south of 820 N, and north of the river) – vote at Freedom Academy (1190 W 900 N).

If you have any questions about where your polling place is, visit the Lt Governor's site at: https://gva1.utah.gov/elections/polling.aspx

If you are not registered to vote, Please go to the following web address, print the form and send it in.You won’t be able to vote on September 15th, but if you get it in by the deadlines you will be able to vote on November 3rd.You must be 18 years old by November 3rd to register. The last day to register by mail is October 5th. The last day to register in person at the County Clerks Office is October 19th. http://elections.utah.gov/VoterRegistrationForm.pdf